TWO LEFT FEET - "Dance is what happens between the beat"

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Ted had the dance floor filled at the Modesto Eagles Hall tonight. Ted brings the Zydeco music listeners to their feet even when they've never heard or danced to it. A lot of fun (Ted can be a bit of a comedian at times but that's part of the fun), he takes it slow for those that are new to Zydeco, and he adds a little spice to his dance instruction for those that are a little more developed in their dance skills (and those Zydeco folks LOVE their spice). :-) Thanks again for the dances, Ted. Always a pleasure"
"You brought joy to my dancing feet..If there is such a feeling of too much fun that would be how I felt in Modesto with my lesson from Ted".

Hi Ted--do you give private lessons?My boyfriend wants to learn to dance, but is severely challenged in the rhythm department. Actually, I think he's teachable, but not by me. You are the only male teacher who can dance around here, and if he's going to learn, I want him to learn the right way! Please let me know if you are interested, and how much you charge. W.L.
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Lafayette Cajun Ryhthm DevilsTo get a good feel of how Cajun music sounds different than Zydeco music here is a good video clip of a more traditional sounding Cajun band.
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