TWO LEFT FEET - "Dance is what happens between the beat"
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Ted, I came to your dance lesson this week at Tio Lio's. I've been dancing zydeco for a little over 2 years now, and have had lessons with various instructors. You are terrific! I noticed that often the new people might know the steps but they are off the beat. I liked the way you began the lesson with feeling the beat first. Then you kept it simple with just a back and forth "1, 2, 3, 4 (easier for people to get than slow quick quick slow). Finally you really zoned in on individuals who might need help by having couples dance one at a time, vs. the whole group. Kudos to you!
-Starlene D
I've been a zydeco dancer for 6 years...I get lots of compliments and requests to dance and teach...when I was starting out I watched for good dancers to pattern my moves after..and that's when I noticed Ted and I liked the way he moved.. so unbeknown to Ted... he became my zydeco mentor-Joel F
"Zydeco Ted travels extensively to Texas/Louisiana; teaches basic Louisiana style Zydeco in New Orleans and has taught at numerous venues throughout Northern California as well as Simi Valley, Long Beach and Gator By The Bay Festivals."
"He also has a smooth Creole style which is great to observe and actually looks like a Zydeco dancer from Louisiana or Texas in comparison to a dance teacher from out of state who learned and started to teach Zydeco at a later point."
-P. Oliver 
'Dance is what happens between the beat'
Ted Sherrod
Email address;
925 819 2026